The Eye Exam

You’re in good hands…

“A comprehensive eye exam is not just about your sight, it can also detect underlying health issues long before other symptoms manifest…”

eye test

Eye examinations can reveal much more than vision impairments – they can save lives. If you haven’t had an eye exam in the past 12 to 24 months, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Your eye exam will take approximately half an hour and will include a series of tests using advanced optometric machinery. You will also be asked about your medical history and any vision complications you may be experiencing. Eye exams typically do not hurt, but you can expect to look into bright lights or have air blown into your eyes during your visit.

If you are given a clean bill of health with no vision impairments, you can return to your normal activities and plan to visit your again in one to two year. If you are found to have refractive errors, you may be given a prescription for corrective lenses. In cases where a disease is present, you may be referred to a vision or medical specialist for further treatment.

Sinead Tully F.A.O.I. is a fully qualified optometrist. Having studied Optometry at Kevin Street in Dublin, Sinead qualified with first class honours in 2005, and was elected fellow of the Association of Optometrists Ireland (FAOI). Her speciality is contact lens fitting, children’s eye tests and particularly enjoys looking after older patients.

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